My name is Meara Kennedy. I'm currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. I am an illustrator, painter, graphic designer, and resin artist. I specialize in pop-art drawings and logo design. 

Each piece I do is distinct: I apply unique color schemes, shapes, background, and subjects to each piece, requiring me always to brainstorm and sketch out many ideas before putting them on canvas. 

One thing that is consistent in my pieces is that my media always uses colorful, bright pigments--if I did merely black and white drawings of the portraits, my art would lose its significance. I intend to bring out the"colors" of my subjects, both literally and metaphorically, to tell their personal story. These odd shapes all fit together and show the different aspects that make up a person's personality and originality. People are made up of many different parts--they aren't just one consistent or static being. Everyone has their own moods, traits, and quirks that make them unique, and I'm trying to expose those aspects in my abstract portraits.

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